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Tax Advisory & Compliance Services
Your business will only achieve its true potential if you build it on strong foundations. We believe that managing your tax obligations responsibly can make a critical difference. In taxation, our services cover all aspects of income tax, sales tax, federal excise, & other direct taxes. The services include tax registration; tax planning and strategy development; obtaining confirmations, clarifications, and permissions from the tax authorities; conducting tax audits; preparation and filing of electronic tax returns, finalization of tax audits, appeals, and seeking tax exemptions.

Accounting & Financial Management
Accounting & Financial Management are among the most important areas because they form the foundation on which business structure stands. Study, review, design & implementation of Manual & Computerized Financial & Cost Accounting Information Systems according to the requirements of the clients. Development & Implementation of Internal Control & Documentation Procedures. Customization & Installation of Available Accounting Software & Users Training. Supervision of Finance Department of Companies.Monthly and Annual Financial Reporting, Ratio Analysis, Maintenance of records & data entry on behalf of clients, Analysis of Financial Statements, Payroll Preparation, and Management.

Audit and Assurance Services

With a depth of knowledge and experience across industries, we are committed to delivering high-quality assurance services. We provide comprehensive audit and assurance services to deliver real value and underpin investor confidence including statutory audits, interim audits, and special purpose audits, agreed-upon procedures engagements, forensic audits, cost audits, management audits, and regulatory audits. We believe that as auditors, not only do we need to deliver a high-quality audit but that we should also bring value add to your organization. We will focus on working with management in a program of continuous improvement in the effectiveness and efficiency of the external audit processes.

Costing and Managerial Accounting

Nasir Abbas and Co are here to serve you in the field of Costing and Managerial Accounting. also broadly known as cost accounting and managerial accounting is the means to evaluate the business operation and cost. This analysis will help the organization to determine and prepare the internal financial grid that will report, record, and help the manager to overcome any obstacles. The method is widely used to help the managers and to aid them in the full functionality of the decision-making process in achieving organizational goals. In simple words, management accounting is done to understand the costing of the data and the finance to translate the data into processable information. The information is then used by the management and organizational officers to run the business effectively.

Registration and Licensing Services

Nasir Abbas and Co are here to serve you in the field of registration and licensing from different authorities. In the establishment of the business venture, the first step is to give birth to a business entity. The business registration and tax registration are the primary tasks to initiate any type of business. Legal forms of business entities require registration and licensing services to register as a sole proprietorship, partnership firms, and companies. The adoption of legal forms for business entities is decided by analyzing the objectives and various considerations. The considerations include the nature of the business, investment, capital requirements, size of intended business regulatory requirements, and taxation, etc.

Corporate Advisory and Compliance Services
Nasir Abbas and Co are serving more than two decades in the business industry by providing corporate advisory and compliance services. Helping the broadening of corporate culture which is leading to the documented economy in the country. Competent corporate professionals of TMRAC enables its clients to oversee their business as they have rich experience, industry understanding, and problem-solving abilities. In fact, provide detailed understanding and guidelines to its specific or all type of clients throughout the Lifecycle of a business project.

Human Resource Consultancy Services

Nasir Abbas and Co. is here to serve you in the field of human resource consultancy etc. The market for human resource consulting services consists of eight main disciplines: Human Capital Strategy, Compensation & Benefits, Organisational Change, HR Function, Talent Management, HR Analytics, Learning & Development, and HR Technology. human capital strategy includes a variety of strategic work in the HR domain, such as defining a corporate culture, organization design, setting up a people strategy that supports key pillars in the business, as well as the design of HR-related strategies in the area of among others diversity, recruitment and talent management. Compensation & benefits, a segment also known as total rewards, looks at all aspects of employee compensation and benefits, from the base and variable pay to bonus schemes and other secondary benefits, across the entire organization – from board level to employees on the work floor. The discipline also includes pensions/retirement consulting, and advisory services tied to health and welfare.

Book Keeping Services

Hiring a Bookkeeper is about quite just finding someone who can use a calculator and understand QuickBooks. You want a full-fledged team that has the professional background, training, and knowledge actually to benefit your business. A Bookkeeping Service offers a three-tiered approach to developing and maintaining your company’s overall financial processes and management.

Nasir Abbas and Co provide Outsourced Bookkeeping & Accounting Services to CPA’s, Accounting Firms, Small Businesses & CFO’s. Our vast Experience in Bookkeeping & Accounting Services has helped our client to save valuable time and money. By hiring IBN as an Outsourced Bookkeeper, you’ll believe us for up-to-date accounting & Get top-quality services delivered within stringent deadlines.


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